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Dear friends

I was in Lahore a few days ago with my wife for the one-day cricket


between India and Pakistan.

Being there was a totally unexpected experience, and there were

surprises galore: people were every nice, hospitable, friendly and


We also spent a good amount of time at the Lahore Railway station,

and it was an experience I would like to share with you all. I was

also keen on contrasting Lahore railway station with stations in



Like most stations in India, this one

too has a loco outside, with the star and crescent being prominently

displayed in front.

We spoke to Coolies, who were very happy to have 'mehmaan' from


There is a 'Meeting Point' at the station as well, which is quite

similar to the one at Zurich train station.

The platform tickets cost Rs 5 (Pakistani Rs) apiece, and it is

handled by a private party (unlike in India).

A big photo of Md Ali Jinnah, and another one of Md Iqbal adorns the

entrance to the platform area.

Samjhauta Express, the train to India leaves from the far end of

Platform No. 1.

There is a McDonalds and Pizza Hut on Platform No. 1.

There are bookstalls on every platform, none of them, however, had a

copy of the Railway Time-table. The new timetable is supposed to be

released on 14th April. Magazines in the bookstall are very costly,

especially the English language magazines. Average cost if around Rs

70-80. Newspapers in English are costly as well, approx. Rs 10-12.


The Khyber Mail from Peshawar to Karachi was on Platform No. 5, and

we went inside it. There is a photo of a Economy AC coach from

inside, which I have uploaded and can be seen from the link below.


On the platform, the scene was quite like India; vendors selling all

kind of stuff; only, that vegetarian food was hard to find !


Ticket reservations are computerized, and the Karrakoram Express,

which is a fully AC train , is the most prestigious train from

Lahore. Like the traditional Rajdhanis in India (Mumbai and Howrah

ones), they make Lahore-Karachi an overnight travel, giving the

benefit of a working day at both ends. The highest class fare Lahore-

Karachi on that train is Rs 2495.


With best regards





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