The most intense experience of my life


Dear friends,

Being in Lahore, Pakistan from the 20th to the 26th of March 2004 must rank as one of the most intense and touching events of my life.


An Indian in Lahore!  And enjoying himself!


From buying the tickets for the cricket matches between India and Pakistan on the internet, to queuing up at 5 AM for Visas in front of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi, to getting a seat on the Delhi-Lahore bus, to the bus journey itself, crossing the border at Wagah, and spending six memorable days in Lahore with Naseem Saab and so many other friends (all formed during the course of our stay in Lahore). There was also cricket, and with it, a lot of bonhomie, friendship and understanding.


And then, there were emotions unbounded: I managed to track down the respective houses where my father and mother were born. The houses where Kasturi Lal Sapra (on Gurmukh Street, Dev Samaj Road) and Neerja Sapra (nee Mehta)(at 15F, Nisbet Road, near Dyal Singh Library) were born might be nondescript today amongst the sea of houses in Lahore, for me they represented places where my parents would have taken their first steps, played, fallen, walked, talked and learnt to get their first bearings of the world. These would also have been the places where they would have to undergo, as kids of five and two respectively, the trauma of partition in 1947


The six days were about a whole lot of love, affection and building relationships; they were also about realizing the huge gap that exists between perception and reality, on both sides of the Radcliffe line. We are the same people, living on two sides of an artificial divide; we speak the same language, sing the same songs and play the same sports.

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Press coverage:


In the Pakistan Times (Urdu) newspaper from Lahore, dated 23rd March 2004

New York Times, dated 28th March 2004

The Times of India, Hyderabad, dated 1st April 2004





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