Poetic license




u Utkarsh ’98


From where had I started,

See what I have reached.


With dreams in my eyes,

And the stars in my sight,

I started for the skies.


What a flight it had been,

Among the soaring eagles,


I had risen from the ground

Up, up and above I did go,

Till even the clouds lay defeated

Until the day seemed brighter than ever,

And the sun shone most beautifully.


Alas! I had never known,

That night follows the day,

And broken was my flight,

When darkness engulfed the day—

No moon, no star, no light

Only darkness and shades of grey.


With no guiding lamp,

I became the lost tramp,

Moving round and round

Having lost my way—

Till I started falling,

Down, down and below,

And hit the ground with a thud.


All my dreams lie shattered,

I remember what I had been,

I fear what will become of me.


From where had I started,

See what I have reached.





u Gaurav Kumar ’98


Ey! Who is there behind the mask?

Is it me? Or is it my other face?

who would take the task?

to unveil that mask.

I constantly look at it

with the bewildering eyes wide open,

the chaos in brain persists,

but the truth still remains chained.

I flew in the world of manifestations

tried to memorize all the lessons,

but could not reach at conclusions.

Suddenly something stopped me,

I got an emphatic notion

and came to realise the situation.

Mask was just a lie; and lo!

The other face was purely mine

but with a different thought,

full of selfishness

which I had in the heart

but could not utter from the mouth .

I understood; yes I understood,

But wait, wait, wait

to uncover that mask,

you will have to take the task

to look at it;

but not through the eyes

but through the windows of truth.


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