Gaurav Agarwal 90 to Shruti




A daughter to Amit Gupta 86

A son (Amritansh) to Madhukar Dayal 87




H.N.Gupta 56 elected to the Governing Council of AICTE

and as Member, Advisory Board, CTI

Pankaj Sinha 83 selected for MBA in Tulane University,

New Orleans, US.

Ashish Garg 90 selected for IIM, Calcutta

Anmol Madan 90 selected for MBA in Texas A&M University, US

Sidhartha Agarwal 92 selected for IIM, Lucknow

Suyash Narain 92 selected for Indian Audit

& Accounts Service (134th rank)

Sayantan Chakraborty 93 selected for IIM, Lucknow


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