On behalf of the Ed-board, I wish you a happy New Year. And for those who have entered the new millennium, a very happy New Millennium too. I had promised that the Club Day 2000 issue would be published in two months time. I am glad to have been able to keep my promise to you. I hope that this issue would be far more error free than the last one, and my apologies to you all for that. you can be rest assured that we will be making sincere efforts not to repeat such mistakes in the future.


One thing that we value is your response, be it an article, a letter or an ad. Speaking of Ads, we desperately need them now. Though efforts are on from our side, it would help if you also give us some ads, the forms of which are attached at the back of the issue. Your response will also help in getting us your address which in turn will enable us to get the SAM issues to you on time.


Another thing we would like is response from you about Gym life during your days at Gymkhana. At the turn of the century, it is time for us to introspect before we move ahead to make our future. All Ed SAMs and our regular columnists please help!


So I sign off hoping to hear more from your end.



Anshuman Mohapatra 96

Editor SAM


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