Prashant Kumar Singh’96


The class is in a state of bliss,

When the teacher does his class miss,

The chalks are flying by,

Leaving behind one or two to cry,

The naughty SCA’s march up straight,

For the important announcement to be made,

That about the assignment not to remind,

Otherwise with notice the teacher will wind,

To keep the class quiet Batch Senior tries,

But adds to the noise by his protesting shouts and cries.

The faculty is not coming to be sure,

One SCA runs and guards the door,

And if the teacher is seen coming,

Guard wakes the SCA sleeping,

In a minute everyone is in their seat,

The book come out and everyone pretends to read.

To the SAM’s the scene is very strange,

He thinks that in the SCAs there is a change,

He does not know that the class was in the state  of bliss,

When a few moments of his class he did miss.

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