By Mrs. Roop Kaul


 23rd November 1998 was the darkest day of my life, when my beloved husband passed away out of my life, into the celestial heavens. The last chapter of the beautiful book of my life had come to a close. My husband had so many qualities of the head and the heart, that it would take a lot of space to enumerate them. Apart from being an engineer , he was every thing else imaginable, nothing was  beyond him. For him each piece of work be it big or small, was a piece of art, in which he took pleasure, and tried to do it to perfection. I called him a “Karma Yogi”.


Within our house he made his little workshop where he loved to work. It is still there but idle without him- as if waiting for him to come and use his tools. Even his cupboard is like a mini workshop, with tiny tools threads and needles and several small gadgets hanging, quite fascinating.


Life for me has become forlorn and lonely, and rather meaningless, but God has been kind and blessed me with loving, caring and thoughtful children, whose love alone will sustain me through my life.


My husband was proud of being a railway man, and whenever and wherever needed he made use of his skill and knowledge, to the full, both within as well as outside his house. No or never these two words did not exist in his vocabulary. His attitude towards work was never negative, always positive. With his spirit of perseverance coupled with patience, and with the use of his intellect 99 times out of 100 he achieved success. He could never stay idle even for a minute. When sick in bed for a few days his comment was “ So many days of my life have been wasted, as they were unproductive”. Such was his attitude to life.


But above all the qualities of his multifarious personality that made him stand out, were his love and compassion for people, his eagerness to help, his forgiving nature, and never grudging anybody. Perhaps God wanted him for these reasons and took him away. He may have gone physically but his spirit still remains with me. His memories shall forever kindle my heart giving me warmth and happiness.


My husband has not gone for he lives within me and in my children. We were a part of him, now he is a part of us guiding us onto that path of righteousness on which he tread.

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