185, Civil Lines,

Jalandhar City.


Dear Sir,


Without being too verbose I want to thank Gymkhana and IRIMEE for the regular invitations to the Club Day celebrations. However, other than 1992 (when we were the focal batch), I have not the made the trip to Jamalpur. Time marches on and Iím past 75 years of age. However, Iíve made the trip to Delhi where the Gymkhana traditions are maintained in high spirits!! I donít need to add how grateful I feel to the institute, not only for a very happy time in the Railways, but also for having been instrumental in starting a small manufacturing business which my sons are continuing in Noida. It was something that they have built up from scratch and has made reasonable progress over the last 25 years.


Besides all else, Jamalpur has provided me an enormous number of friends and I feel proud to part of this family.


May you boys keep up the tradition in the original spirit.


Yours sincerely,

Ramesh C. Tandon í42

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