Chief Personal Officer

Western Railway HQ Office,

Churchgate, Mumbai

Date: 15/02/99

Dear Editor,


It’s been a long time since I left the dear old place. Inspite of sincere efforts and a keen desire I couldn’t visit Jamalpur after I laid down the office of the Director.


I have been meeting the Gymmies who were at Gymkhana during my tenure from 1990-95. It always gives me great pleasure to see that each one of them has been doing brilliantly in the Railways and many of them have already become the most sought after officers.


Ther were a few others- perhaps more restless who charted out, a different course for themselves by getting into Civil Services or IIMs or going abroad.


The other day I met Rajgopal Sharma ’88, who has joined Indian Revenue Services and has been posted at Mumbai. Rajgopal has married his batch mate Vinita and they have been blessed with a daughter, Vasudha.


It is not surprising to find that the Gymmie boys who have left Railways have been excelling in their overseas careers. I am sure all those who have joined Civil Services or IIMs or have gone abroad must have scaled new heights. All these people who have been branching out into various disciplines but basically doing a job either governance or research with the roots in Gymkhana, Jamalpur.


Last year S M Sharma ’88 had sent invitation card for his marriage and had rung me up. During discussion I suggested that as from the late ’80s there has been a steady outflow of Gymmie boys in other walks of life, there is a need for setting up something like a Youth Wing of the Jamalpur Association, so that all of you remain in touch with each other and can benefit by what has been patently called as “Old Boys’ Network”. Obviously someone posted at Delhi would only have to take the lead in ensuring that whereabouts of those who have left Railways are known through to everyone and that there should be periodical interaction which would be possible at least in major metros. I wonder if my ever youthful and enthusiastic friend, J L Singh ’65 would take it upon himself and organise this. This is so not only because “Jael” and Sushma continue to be a young, enthusiastic and fun loving couple but with their boys away they would have the required time and energy to do thus. Anybody who feels younger than Jael and assured of a permanent stay at Delhi is of course welcome to compete, but the idea is certainly worth the consideration.


With the Very Best Wishes to All Gymkhanites.


Yours sincerely,


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