J.L.Singh 65


Getting news that is interesting is not the easiest of tasks. When this writer asked Sanjay Chadda ’81 if he had anything juicy to relate after the trip that he had made with Sandeep Mehra ’82 to Sri Lanka, Sanjay replied that he could not relate any of the juicy bits as wives also read SAM. So, you would appreciate that any information of consequence has to be collected by yourself.


For the record, Sanjay Chadda is on the way out from RITES, while Sandeep Mehra is posted in his place. Sanjay is teaching Sandeep the ropes these days, not only of how to export railway rolling stock, but also, we expect, how to have juicy times in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.


Talking of juicy times, J.L.Singh ’65 has probably had the time of his life after more than 4 months in Jamaica. It is amazing the number of times he was asked about how juicy the stay was. When told that his wife was with him in Jamaica, one of his colleagues remarked, “You mean to say that you went to a banquet and took packed lunch along.”


The Sam community in RITES has grown significantly in the last year of the millenium. It is nineteen strong at the time of writing (late November 99). Leading the pack is G Shankar ’59. He married off his son recently. Then there is CP Agarwal ’60 who is heading the wives-away sub-club that the RITES’ Sams have formed. His wife is away to the US as is the better half of J.L.Singh. S C Saxena ’63 is also a member of the sub-club, his wife being at the not so far off Kuwait.


H R S Tyagi continues to be DT while S C Saxena heads the marketing wing of RITES. Brahmanand ’63 is busy exporting to all and sundry. YB Sharma ’64 heads the new division in RITES that is designing rolling stock. Latest reports indicate that they are doing well and should be on the way to getting some patents soon. Anil Madan ’66 is seen more often on the streets of Bogota than Greater Kailash. Atul Sud ’69 went through the trauma of a heart bypass earlier this year. Just shows that even if you maintain yourself in a slim and trim condition, your heart can always get the better of you. Of course, surgery appears to have done Atul a lot of good and he is looking his normal self. Atul’s batchmate, H C Joshi, is looking after the inspection office at Calcutta. Also in inspection but at Mumbai is a new addition, KD Mainrai ’70.


‘71 batch has two representatives, Sumit Sinha and Ghanshyam Swarup. ’73 also has two, V K Jain and A K Kansal. The ubiquitous Ravi Kochak ’74 is working with Y B Sharma in the design cell. Along with Sanjay Chadda and Sandeep Mehra, the 80s batches have Anuj Prakash ’80, who is looking after ropeways.


The ending to the Newsletter is not a happy one. It is with a deep sense of loss and sorrow that I report the untimely passing away of Anil Kumar ’65. Anil joined RITES in April this year and a week later suffered a massive heart attack. In the early hours of the morning of 15th April ’99, he breathed his last. The sense of personal loss was enormous, as I had not yet recovered from Jayant Sinha’s numbing death two years back. Our batch, the ’65, has now lost 3 members, if one includes R C Shekhar, who had joined as an SCA but left while we were at Jamalpur itself.

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