K.C.Lall Memorial Lecture by Mr.P.C.Sen on 14.02.99.


We are Gymkhanites. In my present job I come in contact with many Sr.IAS officers and Ministers. In fact  people often say that we are the ICS of Indian Railways. Many, many from here have excelled in their respective spheres. Lets contemplate-are we really excellent? If there is nothing wrong with us, why does the whole world hate us? It’s a fact that we are the most hated tribe in Indian Railways . I came upon this all the more when I was called upon to give a lecture at (Baroda) Indian Railway Staff College; I felt the venom that was spitted out against us. Lets see what’s wrong with us. We have a lot of external excellence but we don’t have internal excellence.. In the golden days when we came to Jamalpur, it was a question of unity. Because we were a very small number of persons, we were united. What was the result of being together, the result was that we got two years seniority. Net result was instead of ending as CMEs we were ending up as CRBs – guess what happened then? Twice has our seniority  been challenged in court. By that time I had left Railways & was with Burnstandard. There was a gentleman in the Railways who from within Railways was eager to fight in court. I was assisting him from outside because I could stand up in court, my lawyer could go to court. But the person who was helping me from outside the Railways was ridiculed, he was hounded, transferred, ultimately he died a premature death from heart attack. First part of the chapter was closed thus.


It went to court again when I was in Peerless. This time the people who were helping me from inside the Railways, simply dared not to sit and discuss it in Board’s office because ex-Special Class Apprentices were spying and any discussion made was immediately reported to the traffic department. We found some tracks. We found some spies and we know they were being bribed with GM-ship. I will not take any names.


But this does not speak well of us. Why are we doing this? This is because we lack internal excellence. A lot of people would have heard of the word “Rat Race”. That word was not there in our times. But I don’t think anyone understands its meaning. If you look up the dictionary “Rat” means a betrayer. So when we go out from the Railways into the commercial world everybody says we have joined the Rat Race. Its commonly used but people don’t understand the meaning. It means that we have to be the best betrayer and then only can we get where we want to get and that’s what is happening amongst us. We are betraying our cause. We are betraying our community for self gratification. The only words we people understand are-I, me, myself.


This “Rat Race” will give you a very temporary gain. I know that the younger generation here will ask me, so what, everybody is doing it and they are getting maximum returns why are you telling us not to do it?


Let’s see what science says. See, when we sit to mediate, when we sit down to talk, when we sit down to fight, when we sit down to study, a particular wave comes out. So, when I am greedy, when I am hurting somebody, a particular brain wave comes out (EEG & EMG gives a good idea of what brain waves are coming out ). This resonates with similar brain waves. So if my brain waves are love, which is the most powerful brain wave, all the brain waves will affect me, so when I hate somebody all the hate brain waves of the world are coming back to me. I’m talking of scientific facts because this is being used by military intelligence in the US. So all the hate brain waves are coming back to me which means that my own action is coming  back to me as reaction.


I don’t think you people have heard of a person called David Bohm and Alen Aspect. They are advanced physicists. They have done tests in Bell inequality theorem, where they have shown that communication can travel faster than light. Does it travel faster than light violating Einstein’s principle ? The only explanation they found was that every thing in this universe, all electrons, protons, atoms, everything is inter connected. It’s like a whole. If you cut off your toe it is going to hurt you. Why? It’s a part of you. same thing, if you are hurting somebody, you are going to get hurt. I would request all of you to consider the other person, consider all of us together and not as individual plain creature.


Let’s see what two of the most famous Japanese people, who built Japan from ashes, say. One is Akio Morita  (Sony). I presume you people have read his book on modem management practices. I’m just quoting , “excessive and unfair competition in Society and education has destroyed lives and is debilitating Japan.”


Matsushita (Panasonic) –“not by bread alone ”. He said ,“If you immerse yourself totally in the pursuit of personal gain-society will suffer violence and disorder.” All this is the result of greed. We are gaining our left brain. The right brain has totally been neglected. We  have to work for right brain education.


We are taught to be a manager. Who is a manager? Where does the word manager come from? It comes from the word “managerie” meaning “training  the horses”. How do you train horses? By a whip. We as manager still think of running the organisation with whip. Today the world’s number one leader in the commercial world is Jack Welch. I hope you all have heard of him. Jack Welch is the current Chairman of General Electric. He says that we don’t need more managers ,what we need is leaders, we’ve had enough of  managers, dictating and getting work done. We need leaders now, whom people will follow. However the leaders cannot be produced by just teaching Mechanical Engineering. No way. You have to think of going inside every mechanism. Now , I could talk of other people but I will keep it short. Oliver Holms and Peter Drucker .


Now I’ll talk, of just one more person -Swami Vivekanand. He said that ,”The education that will procure more pleasure and food will look glorious and then will degrade and degenerate. It will give rise to material prosperity as also rise of jealousies and hatred , competition and merciless cruelty” . We see how relevant it is today. Jamshedji Tata wrote a letter to Swami Vivekanand and told him that I am going  to set up an institute and give all the money to him so that he can  build a place which will, “be a crusade for aesthetic living and high thinking among Scientists and Businessmen”.


I coud have, and I wanted to but time does not permit. We are going to suffer for being tempted. How will we suffer? Cancer, we are all prone to cancer. Why? Because carcinogenes is the gene that causes cancer. A normal is in an absolutely balanced state, you tip it slighty and you get a carcinogene. My mother, she died of lung cancer. nobody smoked in my house not even my father. Then how could she get Lung Cancer. She was deaf. She was under tremendous strain-an unhappy marriage because of her deafness. She died of cancer. What did it come from? It came from the mind under stress. When you cheat somebody please remember that, it remains in your mind and it keeps hurting you and illness comes from that. So, to keep Gymkhana society together to really prosper in life you have to get some other type of education also. And I would finish that in a few words. You have the best school here-the Bihar School of Yoga. I would suggest that every month you get a speaker from there to give you a talk, what you call a Satsang. Let him talk. This Divinity used to be a subject in our schools when we were young. Now, Divinity has been thrown out of the window but you could teach people a little bit of meditation instead of divinity. Let there be a meditation room. You see we Indians started meditation and now we are learning it from the west. All the best books on meditation are from west. Teach them meditation. Teach them how to go inside. And here Mrs. Jain, she frequents to Bihar School of Yoga. You see, every 20,000 yrs there is a pole shift and this goes on , there will be a sea of change in the society, prepare yourself for that society and prepare yourself to be a better human beings and that will come to you through meditation. And you cannot meditate unless you have a fit body . What is Hatayoga? Hatayoga is to enable your body to sit in meditation for hours without thinking that your ankles are paining, your knees are paining. Unless you have a very fit body you cannot meditate. I’m telling you this after 25 years of study that you must exercise. I find the parallel bars gone, sports is going down. So, exercise, meditation and a bit of Satsang is very important. Please inculcate this.

Thank You

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