1.       The meeting was called to order by Mr. Pradeep Kumar’68, Vice President Jamalpur Association.

2.       Mr. Pradeep Kumar’68 requested Mr. Ashok Kumar’58, the senior most serving SAM present, to chair the meeting.

3.       Mr. Pradeep Kumar’68 proposed the name of Mr. Pranjol Chandra’96 for the post of Treasurer, in place of Mr. Swayambhu Arya’94. The house passed the proposal unanimously.

4.       The house mourned the sad demise of Mr. Kanjilal’36, Mr. P.N. Talwar’42, Mr. P.P. Sarangpani’45, Mr. P. Bhalla’46, Mr. V.K. Laroia’48, and Mr. K.B. Srivastava ‘62.

5.       Minutes of the last JA meeting were confirmed.

6.       Mr. A. Mundiya’78 read out a brief report on the activities of JA.

7.       Mr. S. Arya’94 presented the accounts of the JA. The house passed the accounts.

8.       Mr. N. Dey’94 presented the report on the SAM magazine. He appealed to all the SAMs to contribute articles and arrange funds for the magazine. A. Mohapatra’96 and V. Singh’96 took over as the next SAM editors.

9.       The annual JA awards were given away by Mr. Ashok Kumar’58. The recipients were-

·      M.K. Kapur Award- jointly won by Mr. N. Dey’94 and Mr. A.K. Misra’94

·      J. Mathan Award- Mr. Alok Priyadarshi’94

·      JA Award- was not presented as the final year batch( the ’94 batch) is to pass in May’99. The award can be decided only after their final results of academics and shops are available.

10.   Mr. Pradeep Kumar’68 read out the proposal of Mrs Rohit Vohra’63 for instituting a rolling trophy in memory of late Mr. Rohit Vohra. She had proposed it for Hockey. Mr. Pradeep Kumar’68 asked the house whether it should be for best team or best hockey player. Mr. L.K. Sinha’57 proposed that it should be for a person. Mr. Ashok Kumar’58 agreed to this. Mr. P.C. Se.n’49 wanted to know whether hockey is played nowadays or not? Mr. S.C. Sengupta’61 and Mr. L.K. Sinha were of the opinion that if it is not played then this award will be one way of promoting it. After being reminded that the present strength of Gymkhana does not make two full teams, the house decided that the trophy should be for some individual event. Mr. Ashok Kumar’58 also agreed to this. Mr. L.K. Sinha’57 proposed it to be for Billiards. Mr. S.C. Sengupta’61 informed the house that he had talked to Mrs R. Vohra’63 and that she is open to any game but it should be confined to Gymkhana. The house finally agreed on proposal that the award should be for the best Billiards player. Mr. Ashok Kumar’58 suggested that we should write to her indicating the decision of the meeting.

11.   Mr. P.C. Sen’49 informed the house that Mr. L.R. Gosain’40 and Mr. C.M. Mani’49 wanted to say something.

12.   Mr. C.M. Mani’49 was thankful for the opportunity. He delivered a short speech in which he told that Gymkhanites should be watchful towards the elements that strike at the very root of our existence. He also told that though Gymkhanites have done very well in Railways we have not made any real impact in society. He said that a dedicated team to serve the society should be formed. He also reminded that the Platinum Jubilee Club Day is due in 3 years, so everybody should try to make it memorable.

13.   Mr. L.R. Gosain then addressed the meeting. In his speech he reminded the house that this institution used to produce best Mechanical Engineers and was started in similar way as Roorkee University. It was the foundation of mechanical Engineering but we have been defensive in our attitude. He said that JA should prove its value and assert its position. He said that one of our weaknesses is our limited number. Railways is still an attractive career and he recommended that more than require number should be selected and that the alumni should try to make it Engineering and management institute or university.

14.   Mr. A. Kumar’58 clarified that considering percentage of leaving recruitment number has been increased and that the proposal of training to be open to other than Railways is correct only if corporate sector approach by themselves. He said that he is opposed to the idea of deemed university because by UPSC selection it is not open to local people.

15.   Everyone agreed that UPSC selection was the best way of recruitment.

16.   Mr. A.K. Tewari’49 said that the institute should be for Electrical Engineering also and that the cadres should be merged. Referring to the past practice of Nizam state Railways and Nepal Railways training people here he expressed his wish that Government to Government should be approached, since it is a waste of capacity of this place.

17.   To this Mr. A. Kumar’58 replied that though he is convinced with the proposition, merger of cadres is an uphill task.

18.   Mr. S.C. Sengupta’61 said that there is an acute shortage of Mechanical Engineers in the PUs. This and Gr. B, Gr. A deputation to RITES should be taken into account, so that number of vacancies can be increased.

19.   Mr. Suresh Chandra’49 said that we should not be defensive. Now that everyone is convinced that the sandwich method of training is good, whole scheme should be reoriented. The strength of the products of this place was the practical side, dealing with men, machine etc.

20.   Mr. L.R. Gosain’40 said that feeling that the products from this place are academically bad is wrong. I. Mech. E. has a course that is recognized internationally. This institute should have no faculty less than M. Tech.

21.   Mr. A. Kumar’58 said that this and other ideas of Mr. Gosain could be used.

22.   Mr. P.C. Sen’49 then delivered the K.C. Lall memorial lecture.

23.   The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.
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