R. K. Mangla ’81


One SCA joined COFMOW after probation, After a year, he gave an ad in Newspaper for matrimony:  “Wanted a suitable working bride, well educated with strong foundation, concrete background, well honed in manners, seamless character, alloy of tradition and modernity and welded to Indian values. Should be adaptable and of flexible nature. Salient figures should be clearly brought out, while sharp features are optional. Cast/ creed/ colour no bar, however weight and space requirement may please be mentioned. Offers with incomplete details will summarily rejected.”


The result was that of the five bids received, one was technically unsuitable, two were rejected commercially, one was not accepted by accepting authority (mother). One was received late and was never opened. Finally our friend has decided to modify the specifications.


Computers and printers are now clicking dutifully in all the chambers of COFMOW. A special drive ensured 100% literacy among officers and staff. Having been launched in Cyberspace time is not far when website tendering, on-line evaluations, E-mail clarifications, LAN Tender Committees and RAILNET user interface will be the order of the day.


Loadfulls of rotund tender cases will give way to slim and cute looking floppies COFMOW is in for a surgery. As boss puts it “A knowledge based, slim, modern organisation with a cutting edge Technology.”


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