The big news is that the SCAs will now start getting a degree in mechanical engineering. They will no longer need to be defensive about their qualifications. We thank the Board (MM) for this historic agreement for a collaborative degree programme.


            The strength of SCAs having reduced to eleven in May ’99, is now back to nineteen. Eight SCAs of 1998 batch joined in July ’99. This is the first batch to join after the resumption of recruitment and selection by UPSC. And with recruitments continuing, the numbers will further increase.


At this juncture, the untimely death of Mr. and Mrs. Vij, ’62, is a big loss for Gymkhana and for all of us. Mr. Vij in his three years’ tenure as Director, IRIMEE, had worked ceaselessly to strengthen the Institute and Gymkhana. We have continued and shall continue to move along the path shown by him to make the IRIMEE of his dreams.


                                                                                    (PRADEEP KUMAR)

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