Vaibhav Singh ’96


The next millennium is just around the corner. The world over people are making grand plans for the mega-event. The electronic and print media have flashed so much about it that I feel like doing something myself. But then what to do is the million dollar question. Hey! Brilliant idea. For years I have been doing it so what if we are not only moving into the next year but into the next century and the next millennium. Just frame a few resolutions ( frame it, relish it, forget it). So here I am.

·   No more night outs.(Now I’ll sleep in the night too). After all one needs at least eight hours of sleep in the night. I am not very sure about the daytime.

·   I will try to pick up more trades (i.e., tricks beco’z plain optimising a day before exams just won’t do).

·   I will have no trucking with firstees anymore. It’s just plain & pure addiction. However I will tell them that they can meet me voluntarily(?) everyday.

·   I will stop searching for a sweetheart every time I go back home (or otherwise I’ll finally find one).

·   I will stop taking part in long Pail sessions.(I’ll only indulge in intellectual talk. Hee… Hee…).


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