Deepak Sapra ’92


I had the privilege and also the good fortune to attend the ‘Power Electronics’ course at IRIEEN, Nasik. So did 25 others of my as well as my next batch. Here’s a sampler of  what went on out there, who was doing what, a compendium….


Scene:      Chandolkar’s (an IITB prof.) class, 25/5/99, 1530 hrs (mid-way)


Tyagi:        Comfortably ensconced in his chair, gazing at eternity

Kajur:        Looking straight at Chandolkar without batting an eyelid, trying to give a thrystory look.

Anjali:        Like the God, diligent standard eight student, taking down notes.

Suveer:      Highly focussed; has a novel in front of him to give the impression that he too is casual about the whole thing as everyone else.

Singla:       Spects on the table, face peering towards the window, lost in the tranquil environs of Nasik, as he makes up for his quota of sleep. In front of him is a small World Cup Tie Sheet, listing Super-Six Probable match-ups.

Awasthi:    Has a pen in between his fingers-on his other hand rests his chin, which imparts him a thoughtful look. Off and on, he plugs and unplugs his pen’s cap.

Satish Singh: His register’s closed, his legs are folded. Every now and then he breaks into a bit of tabla on the table, rubs his eyes and gazes at the fan above his head.

Mhetre:      With ‘Unlimited Power’ (the book) in front of him, his left thumb brushes his moustaches, contemplating, perhaps his next visit to Bombay.

Ugrasen:    Boredom lurks on the horizon as he continues mugging his Civil Services notes, lost in his world.

PK:           Ever the Yogi, his eyes are transfixed on Chandolkar, as if  mesmerized by the latter’s brand of digital magic. Entropy is low, his book and notebook in their least energy state, as he gazes on unperturbed.

Atul Kr. Singh: Clicking and off his new ball point pen, looking ahead, a wide smile radiating from his face. He’s making good use of his pen, writing down ‘Atul Kumar Singh’ over a dozen times on his notebook’s cover.

Topno:       Back of his head resting on the chair, his face’s sideview resembles anegg- the eternal struggle to keep eyelids open is on, as the to and fro vibrations of his head testify. Suddenly-a jerk- eyes open grudgingly-a look around-a few seconds of gazing at the transparency in front of him and life is back to normal-head back on the chair’s back rest….

Dihana:      Spects on, notebook closed-the guy’s lost it finally-after concentrating hard for two weeks, he’s decided to call it quits-tough luck, prof IITB.

Neeraj:      Red Pilot-Hi-Tech pen is in one hand (signifying danger), while the other hand is pillow for his head. The struggle to keep alive to the goings-on was lost long ago-during momentary lapses of reasons, his fingers rotate his pilot pen in one continuous balancing act.

Amit Srivastava: An electromagnetic field of Civil Service Books any external lines of force from infringing into his domain-nothing can shake him, not even a question, ”Is it clear, Saar?”, from the helpless prof.

…and finally

 Deepak Sapra: The only ass in the entire class bothered about what OTHERS are doing-so much so that he penned it down.


I hope I have passed on some of the all pervading boredom on to you-if you’ve been able to go through all this bull provided above, pat yourself on the back.

Take care…..


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