Vaibhav Singh í96


The title is unabashedly inspired by the new album of Baba Sehgal (Ab Main Vengaboy), though it has nothing to do with it. I was wondering about whatever sells in this world. Thus though SAM isnít a commercial magazine but just for the heck of it, I thought of remodelling SAM on the lines of commercial mags like Stardust, Filmfare (and what not). Now people eating cheese spreads canít become the right material for centre spreads. So the only thing left for me to do was add a silly column or two. A sample is given below :



Q : Why canít anyone have AIDS in Gymkhana ?

A : Because according to the latest WHO report every twentieth person in India will have AIDS by the year 2000 and Gym strength is only 19.

If it is not enough for you there goes another.



Gymmie to a doctor on a DP holiday : Doc my problem is quite serious. So the first thing I did on my vacation was to come to you.

Doctor ††††† :Whatís the matter ?

Gymmie: I think I am a insomniac. Doctor, I have a sound sleep in the night. Itís okay in the morning but by afternoon time I start tossing and turning.


I showed these around to a fewpeople and the opinion of the majority (though they praised my efforts) was that it is best to have SAM in the way it is. Anyway majority isnít always right. Any contributions of the above type will be appreciated. Though I canít assure any such things will ever againcome out in print but between you and me , I will feel good if you do so.

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