Sanjeev Tripathi ‘93


All the newcomers to gym have some trouble in acclimatizing them to their new environs. So here is a much-awaited guide on Gymkhana.

1.        First month- Labor pains

2.        Rounds – Love (of seniors) makes the world go round

3.        Ragging – What’s that?

4.        Batch senior – Early worm, caught by the earlier birds

5.        Batch junior – Calculator with a difference, gets kicked if counts correctly

6.        Head count - Time when less than 50% of the batch is present

7.        Club rules – Rules to prove that the club does rule Gymkhana

8.        Billiards - A short break (before semesters) for that big break

9.        FLS/ILS – Lollywood hungama!!! MGM presents shhh…..

10.     Bell – A shopping device

11.     Turn – The toughest job in the world (usually realised after the penalties)

12.     CWM’s interview – A voyage of discovery

13.     Semesters – More study more confusion, no study no confusion

14.     Aarti – (Early warning system) when u come to know about semester-exams

15.     Sem-exams – An exercise in optimization

16.     Pail – Short for P-m@il – A nocturnal person to person e-m@il service on G-net


                                                                       To be continued in the next issue.


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