Hello, your favourite Gym reporter is back again. This time I have got loads of news for you.


Resuming from where we left off last time, Club Day ’99 was a success. Amazed with 1994 batch’s projects, IRIMEE decided to send them off to IIT-Delhi for a short duration course in hi-fi maths. ‘Short’ it was, for the time was not sufficient to get enough of Delhi. But they kept the Jamalpur flag flying high by attending all the classes and impressing the Profs there with a test that they took. Way to go!


Meanwhile 1996 batch had to do a ‘Gym-alone’ but kept themselves busy by organising a SPICMACAY convention at Notre Dame Academy, JMP. Ms. Kala Ramnath and Ustad Akram Khan enthralled the audience while the Gymmies enthralled them with a red carpet treatment.


Soon after came the Parents’ Day. Everyone was equally hard at work to make to put up a splendid show for the parents. Close on the heels of Parents’ Day, came the GM/Eastern’s visit. Our performance in Parents’ Day had left everyone so dazzled that we were asked to do an encore for the GM, albeit a toned down version.


The influx of dignitaries continued. The next one to put Jamalpur in the limelight was the then Minister Railways, Nitish Kumar. Although, we were ready to felicitate him, he ran short of time and could not make it here.


In the meantime, the EC (CIE) preparations were in full swing. People could be seen issuing books from the library and Book-Bank, and some were even found with often books in their hand. However, there was only one batch-’96 giving this exam. The trembles of EC were over soon as the hot, sweltering D-Day (rather night- if you have read the last SAM) was taken in the stride and life would have settled into its’ normal (?) groove had ’94 batch not put the spanner in the works.


You see, they were destined to pass out in the end. The loud, boisterous parties and the tearful farewells were soon over as IRIMEE authorities decided to send ’96 wallahs home in lieu of a Rock climbing course at Nainital.


Upon coming back ’96 received the happiest news any batch can receive- the arrival of a junior batch. There was a lot of confusion and speculation because you see the name of the batch senior suggested that we might have the ninth lady SCA arriving.


But they we were not the only people arriving in Gym. IRIMEE after becoming a CTI is facing accommodation problem for its courses. So Gym has become a prime accommodating agency- sometimes 19 people looking after more than two and a half times their strength. However the bright of it is that courtesy foreign trainees (Sri Lankans) sent by RITES Gym has had a windfall. We have been gifted a new music system, a new fridge, a new 29” CTV and a DVD player to name some of those desirable items. So hopefully we will be able to take better care of SAMs when they come here. These courses also serve as a platform for meeting the SAMs.


Speaking of changes, the major change that has come about is in the curriculum. The 1998 batch has been affiliated to BIT, Mesra (Ranchi). The MoU was signed in IRIMEE on 23rd September ’99 which was a red-letter day in Gym history. To mark this occasion, we had hosted the Additional Member (Mech.), the CME/Eastern, the CME/South Eastern, VC/BIT, the Dean and other BIT faculty members. We have heard many people propounding its pros and equally as many pointing out its cons. Only time can tell this change will lead to a better future for SCAs.


In tune with the MoU, the ’98 batch went to Ranchi for some lab work. There they managed to have a jolly good time despite the indifferent treatment doled out to them. For once they were really glad to be back in Gym.


Another visiting dignitary to Gym was the OSD/East Central. He had lunch with us and interacted with all of us.


Now Gym life can not help becoming different with all these events taking place. The schedule here has become quite hectic. The sporting tastes have altered. The presence of a firstee batch has led to a rise in the popularity of football. However, cricket whenever played is done in the quadrangle. The latest update is that IRIMEE authorities are promoting hockey in a big way. Also the inter-CTI tournament to be held here early next year has led to the start of repair of badminton court and resurfacing of tennis & basketball courts. The billiards table is also getting its cloth and cushions changed, thus Gym will wear an all new look for the next Club Day. And that is when we shall meet again!!


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