Vaibhav Singh’96


What you have done to my life.

I was a carefree bird,

Humming, singing and roaming about.

Then you came in my life

And I thought my life has changed for the good.

And that’s true, my life has changed

But joy is a far cry. And I have forgotten how to fly.

You have bound me in chains,

And now I love the pains.

You did say you love me,

And I thought that is forever.

Love you gave and flowers too,

But the thorns are sprouting now.

Love has gone and I don’t know how,

Flowers are with fragrance lost

But the shedding of these last leaves, Add to my grieves.

For, together we could still live;

A drop of love was all you had to give.

Oh! When will I understand,

It was all but a mirage.

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