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The last winter was anything but the winter of discontent- a large number of Gymkhanites got on to more important things in life, things like tying the nuptial knot. For others, this winter was one long, unending saga of parties, baaraats, music, dance and fun….

Here are the latest updates on the shaadi front-

Sumana '90, the 4th gym-girl got married to G.Anil Srinivas '88 recently. She's back in Guntakkal Diesel Shed, while hubby completes his probationary training for IPS.

15th January- Rock aficionado Ujjal Halder’89 sets the ball rolling at Calcutta with Jayeeta

UPDATE- Jayeeta has swelled the SIMI population in the megapolis of Andal and is quite enjoying herself- she has even made Ujjal kick his smoking habit- well, almost...

23rd January- The day the lives of the three musketeers from the 1991 batch will change forever as batch Senior and crane-man Akhilesh Misra gets married to Priya at Delhi. On the other hand, the man with music in his blood and iron in his fists, Lalit Mohan Pandey takes the most important step in his life at Haldwani, while friend and scooter-mate Vishal Kapoor does something similar at Delhi as Priti becomes the third girl to converted to SIMI-hood on this day.

UPDATE- From New Delhi to Jamalpur, Priya's come a long way; while Lalit is freaking out in the cosmo environs of Bangalore. For Vishal and Priti, all roads lead to Phulera...

5th February- The 7th female Gymkhanite Anjali Varshney’93 ties the knot with Suveer Kumar Sinha’93 at Sonpur.

UPDATE- tHE BIG QUESTION NOW IS- Will Suveer go to Southern Rly or will Anjali join the Western Bandwagon ?

20th February-For Yatish Kumar’93 , all trains lead to Moradabad as he enters into a lifetime alliance with childhood heartthrob Smita

5th March- Tarun Huria’90 takes a cue from his juniors (listed above) and madeChandigarh his port of call.

Manish Thaplyal ’89 did something similar and gets married to Kavita

Prashant Soni’88 our man from Southern Railway, got married in February at Delhi

For Rajat Bhargav’88,rendezvous was at Secundrabad , with Vanita. He is now in the US, after IIMB

Following suit is Southern Railway, and now IIM colleague Ashish Garg’90, who got married in February.

For Mukund Kumar Sinha '88 , 6th March was a red-letter day, despite being in the not-so-communist land of Jamshedpur.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE- Nirmal Kumar Bhandari '90, (in)famous for his un-palatable PJs, and famous for attending as many marriage ceremonies as he could, fools everyone and heads home for the biggest marriage ceremony of his life. (Flash dated 28th August, 1999).

Waiting in the wings is Amit Srivastava’92, who got engaged to Dipali at Lucknow. FLASH - He meets his match on the 1st of Dec, 1999. Till then, its roses all over cyberspace....

If you have more such good news to share, please write in and in the meantime, keep singing-

Le jaayenge, le jaayenge,

Gymwaale dulhaniya le jaayenge !!!!

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