Hello, and welcome to Gym news. First the vital stats: -
1. Batches present in Gym- Two (’94 & ’96)
2. Gym strength as on 16/1/99 - 19
3. Rooms in Gym – 64
4. Rooms per person available- 3 ??
5. Lobbies occupied- 3 of 4 (lower W & lower E)

Numerically short they might be, but Gymmies are holding on putting in their best to preserve all that Gymkhana has stood for.

A positive outcome of being numerically challenged has been increased participation of all Gymmies in all its activities- things unheard of in the days of yore- for example, a fourthie refereeing a billiards match or issuing in the mess- are common place. It was this spirit of doing it for OUR Gym, that resulted in Club Day ’98 being a huge success, where, incidentally, the guests outnumbered the hosts by a huge margin. On the flip side, there are cons too. Nightlife, for one, is almost non-existent, aided in no small measure by the exponentially increasing academic load. Establishment costs are soaring and messbills with 50+ DDs are not uncommon.

Yet the indomitable, invisible and often incredible spirit that’s special to Gym holds on, and promises to continue to do so.

This spirit was very much in evidence in the EC party held in September to celebrate a cracking (tore-fore in modern Gym lingo) effort by Gymmies at the London exam. And this, despite the fact that the EC exams were held with pretty unusual timings (stretching upto 10 in the night- to facilitate common timings the world over) and under constant fear of power cuts.

Perhaps the Gymmies’ penchant for being at the peak of his prowess at night came in handy at the EC hustings, or perhaps it was the hard work put in by them, or perhaps a combination of both- yet, 100% is the result which, will take some doing by the future generations to better.

However, the tension before the result was palpable, and most Gymmies resorted to sports to let off the steam. Sports is back on the Gymmies’ agenda- albeit with a few modified rules like half-field, six-a-side, knee-high-shots-only soccer. Basketball and volleyball standards have considerably risen and intense rivalries of the Western Lobby Bulls vs. Eastern Lakers are developing. Sports was on the top of the TV room agenda as well, with the soccer World Cup running to full houses.

Some, however, did not consider the sports field the best place to let off the examination tension. They found better forecasting techniques to indulge in- techniques like telepathy, which they had picked up on an unexpected visit to the graveyard while negotiating an ‘untimely’ visit to Gymkhana by an IRIMEE faculty member. Connections and cross connections were established as a telepathy wave swept Gymkhana- some tried reading the teachers’ minds before the exam, some the PPT’s before asking for leave. The mania subsided after a few of the practitioners of the art complained of heavy headaches, fever & fatigue.

Talking of ‘untimely’ visits, these visits have inspired Gymmies to donate generously to the now famous ‘T.V. fund’ with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. On the flip side, it has propelled Gymmies (some of them at least) to extend their shop visits even beyond the traditional ‘lakshman-rekha’.

Jamalpur Locomotive Works (JLW), our good old workshop, has undergone a sea change with lots of modern equipments and machines being introduced. The hot topic now is the production of the 140 ton crane. Sams attending this year’s Club Day in Jamalpur would be privileged to witness history, rather future - when the first crane rolls out from JLW.

Coming back to IRIMEE, the daily schedule is getting tougher by the day, even in the supposedly ‘cool’ 6th semester- the last straw on the SCAs back being the introduction of a 6-day week- a step that‘s taken the fizz out of Friday nights.

The learning process continued for Scas outside Jamalpur as well- ‘93 & ’94 batches making a trip to RCF & DCW and ’96 batch gracing FTI, Bangalore for a course in Pneumatics/Hydraulics. A great thing about the trip to RCF/DLW was their interaction with a large number of SAMs- their hospitality & their affection. About the Gymmies in Bangalore, they knew every brick on Brigade Road by the time their course was over.

The SCAs had spent lavishly on these tours in the hope that their pay package would become heftier after the Fifth Pay Commission. Numerous appeals and the use of popular mass media like dramas (on Club Day’98) led to their stipends being provisionally revised w.e.f. 1st Jan ’96. The five figure arrears had aroused the material instincts of all and we had a spurt of Music systems, cameras and their ilk.
So far, so good. The bombshell came a few days later- news that the revision would be w.e.f. 1st Jan,98 and the arears paid so far would be recovered.
Given the spiralling costs, this is a real tough one to digest.
Can anyone help?????

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