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Internet lingo
BTW- By the way
F2F -face to face, a personal meeting
FCOL- for crying out loud
FWIW- for what it is worth
FYI- for your information
GOK- god only knows
HHOK- ha ha only kidding
HHOS- ha ha only serious
IMHO- in my humble opinion
IMO- in my opinion
LOL- laughing out loudly
OTOH -on the other hand
ROTFL- rolling on the floor laughing
TAFN- thats all for now
:-) smile
;-) wink
:-* kiss
:-( glum,unhappy
:-O shouting
:-b... drooling
=:o argh, disgust
{*} a hug and a kiss
: :-C very sad (more severe form of :-( )
:-)> smiling with beard
:-{) smiling with moustache
&-) a stoned/drunk smile
[] a hug
:-Q smoking
:-? smoking a pipe
8-) smiling with glasses on the forehead
>:-) a devil with a grin
0:-) an angel with a halo
:-~) got a flu/running nose
:-@ screaming/swearing
:-$ sly smile
:-X my-lips-are-sealed expression
:-O don't cry
:-D laughing
(:-) bald and smiling
{(:-) smiling with a toupee
}(:-( with a toupee when it is windy
:-/ uncertain
:-{} wearing lip-stick
:-#### an old bearded man
:-% angry
:-^ tongue in cheek
:-I indifferent
>:-< mad
%-) dazed
8:-) a little girl
:-[ a vampire
:-7 a wry statement
:'-( crying
:'-) so happy that crying
:-# wears braces
:^) has a broken nose
:<) a grim face
:-& tongue-tied
-:-) punk
|-I asleep
|-O yawning/ snoring
<|-) a chinese
c=:-) a chef
*:o) a clown
E-:-) ham radio operator
%-6 brain-dead
@:-) wearing a turban
o(:-) a sardar kid
:-)=====> wearing a tie
:-)X wearing a bow
d:-) wearing a cap
]:o a cow
m(_ _)m deep bow (the m's are the ears and eyes show through)
@->-- -- i give u a rose
@->-->-- a rose with stem and leaves
(-_-) secret smile
=:-O scared (hair rising)
=:~> is a bunny
(o--<) sound fishy
(:)-) scuba diver
:-] i am uncertain
:-). smiling with a beauty spot under the lips
~~oE]:-) man carrying a three legged octopus that's giving off smell rays in a basket on his head
:-) curly haired smiling (the key is alt+016)
:(:)) happy pig
:(:)( sad pig)
:-)... drooling
//oo\\ John Lennon
@:) Elvis
:o) a pug-nosed smiling
|:-p~~ drooling
P-( a pirate)
:-B buck-toothed smile
+-(:-) the Pope
>-@88888888ooooooooo))) a rattle-snake

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